Scratch & dent specials

While supplies last, the Seattle Restaurant Store is having a sale on Beverage-Air scratch & dent refrigeration appliances that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are scratch & dent appliances used products?

No. All appliances are new and come straight from the factory. All scratch & dent appliances are tested and inspected by our experienced, certified in-house technicians prior to them going to our sales floor.

Do scratch & dent appliances carry any sort of guarantee?

Every single scratch & dent appliance carries its full manufacturer's warranty. It's exactly the same warranty as it would be new & boxed!

Where does the scratch & dent stock come from?

The Seattle Restaurant Store has made a special deal with Beverage Air and we pass the savings on to you.

How much am I saving if I purchase a scratch & dent appliance?

The markdown varies from item to item, but generally you will save up to 25% instantly! All scratch & dent items are labeled with the marked down price.

Can I purchase scratch & dent appliances over the phone?

While our staff will be glad to tell you what we have in stock, we strongly advise against phone sales unless you have signed off on the scratch & dent check sheet saying you have noted the imperfections on the item. To find out what we have in stock, please call 206.362.4900 (Seattle metro) or 800.343.6890 (toll-free) or simply click the chat button below to inquire what we have in stock.

Why can’t I view appliance prices online?

Because of the dealer agreement with our manufacturers, we cannot post prices or model numbers. Specials are offered outside of our QuoteList system, so please call 206.362.4900 (Seattle metro) or 800.343.6890 (toll-free) or simply click the chat button below to inquire what we have in stock. We welcome you to inspect the piece from top to bottom so that you know its precise condition before you make your decision to purchase. Prices do not include shipping, delivery, or sales tax.

How do the appliances receive the scratch or dent?

The products are typically damaged at the manufacturing plant or in shipment.

How damaged are the appliances?

Some appliances have no visible damage at all, others have a minor scratch or dent and some have more noticeable damage. All damage is cosmetic only.

Do you install built-ins?

Our experts install built-ins – pricing varies according to the project.

Do you offer financing?

We offer clients competitive, affordable financing options through an independent financing company.


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