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Restaurant Supplies for Alaska

If you operate a restaurant in Alaska, you’ve no doubt experienced the problems and frustrations of getting equipment and supplies delivered on time and at a reasonable cost. Unless you’re ordering a small package via air freight, a shipment from the lower 48 must first be delivered to a port and then barged to its destination. That extra step can add significant time and cost to your shipment. That’s where The Seattle Restaurant Store can help.

Next door to the port

More than 80 percent of containerized shipments between Alaska and the Lower 48 travel through the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. Our warehouse is located just 15 minutes away from the Port of Seattle and we generally perform dock drops at no extra charge. With several regularly scheduled shipments a week, you can rest assured your order will be on its way in the shortest time possible. Depending on destination, marine shipments from Seattle to Alaska usually require three to seven days of transit time. If you need it faster, we can arrange that, too. We do it every day. Simply call 206.362.4900 and a knowledgeable account representative will be happy to assist you with logistics.

Six advantages we offer to Alaska clients

1. Our warehouse is 15 minutes from the Port of Seattle

2. Free dock drops

3. Faster delivery at lower cost

4. Experienced logistics experts on staff

5. Three cargo carriers to serve you

6. Minimum of two sailings per week from Seattle


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